ScanDisk Extreme Class 10 Problems on 60D


 I recently purchased a Canon 60D form Digital Review.

Images taken with Canon 60D ScanDisk Extereme HD Video SD Card


When I first got the camera I started out using a ScanDisk Class 4 SD card and noticed that a few pictures where coming out a bit weird.

The specs that Canon provide are for Class 6 plus.
So no problem, I went along to Argos and purchased thre ScanDisk Extreme which accoding to the
catalogue is ideal for a high performance DSLR such as the 60D.

Still about 10% of the pics where comining out like this, some good some bad:
I sent it back to Digital Review, who sent it back to Canon, whi tested it and said the card was faulty.

So I went back to Argos and got another ScanDisk Extreme Class 10 HD Video SD card.

Still the pics were coming out with issues.

In all cases they looked fine in the LCD screen, but when I come to processing them the come out corrupt.

So now I have ordered a Transcend Class 6 from Digital Review, who say they will be sending me a Class 10.

What a mess – lets see what happens.

If the pictures are still corrupt them I will be sending the camera back for good.


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